Good News Stories

26 October 2014 – More Hallowe’en Fun!

More great costumes and more great Hallowe’en fun!

Michelle, Meghan and Josie along with Chelsea and Julie had fun at the Halloween On Stage at the Link in Smiths Falls last Friday. Aren’t these costumes wonderful? The girls look GREAT!!


23 October 2014 – A trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Intervention House

Earlier this week, the group from Intervention House went to the pumpkin patch…they took some great shots near a cornfield (just to keep their “great pumpkin” a secret, I think!)…

Guess we’ll have to wait until Hallowe’en to see what they got in terms of a pumpkin…but in the meantime, awesome pictures submitted by Caleigh…



15 October 2014 – Halloween came early to Parkside!

Hope that you didn’t miss the Hallowe’en party that Parkside had last weekend! The costumes were amazing (and fun) and some danced the night away…sure looks like a great time was had by all! Below is one of the photos but you should check the photo album for more wonderful shots of a great party… Congrats to the Parkside folks for putting on such a great event!!

14 October 2014 – United Way Support

Mills Community Support had a team challenge day last week in support of the United Way…the poster below tells the story and provides the evidence of what a fun and learning experience it was for all. A great day…a great cause…and…a great group of people making a difference in so many ways!
UW Day

 13 October 2014 – Show me the Money!!

The next group we’re celebrating during Community Support month are a crew that everyone would be lost without…the Finance team!Nancy, Gina, Shelly and Lisa look after the money coming in, ensuring that bills are paid on time, meeting reporting requirements for various levels of governments, providing information, both internally and externally on donations, revenues and expenses…and…one thing that all employees expect (otherwise we would be considered volunteers)…producing our paycheques!Thanks for all you do in keeping our financial records in order, a huge task that plays a big role in ensuring that Mills Community Support can continue providing services in our community!!
Gina Shelly LisaNancy

10 October 2014 – Home Support Office – Home Support Heroes

AND…helping Barb, Jan and Lawanda are two other very special people…Julie and Bonnie!Julie, in addition to managing donations through our donation software for the organization, also works to help out where she can with Home Support, filling in as needed.And then there is Bonnie, a wonderful volunteer who spends countless hours helping with the telephone calls and anything else that Barb, Lawanda or Jan need.More Home Support Heroes, for sure!
Bonnie Julie

08 October 2014 – Home Support Office – Home Support Heroes!

Next in our series of introductions to invaluable people at our office are our “HOME SUPPORT HEROES”…Barb, Jan and Lawanda make our Home Support and Seniors Services tick…from making telephone calls to arrange and schedule drives for people who need them to arranging for amazing day trips to great locales in the region, and everything in between, they do it all and…they do it well! Thanks for all that you do!!
Barb Jan Lawanda

07 October 2014 – Celebrating the support we get…at home office!

 This month we’re sharing good news stories to celebrate Community Support Month…well…NONE of these stories would be possible without the dedicated staff who provide the critical support required at our home office to allow our programs/services to function So…we’re going to introduce you to these people, starting with the first person you’ll see as you come through our front door!
This wonderfully friendly face is Lisa…she looks after all of us here, providing administration support, reception services, help for our housing department, support to our Board of Directors, along with very specialized tech support for our office equipment (primarily “Darth”, our very finicky printer/copier/scanner/fax machine) and so much more! I am pretty sure that all of us would agree that we would NOT function well without Lisa!


03 October 2014 – BBQ for International Day of Older Persons

We celebrated the United Nations International Day of Older Persons this past Wednesday, 01 October with an amazing BBQ…although the weather was a bit cool over the lunchtime, we packed into the Stan Mills Lounge at 375 Country Street and a great time was had by all…Jeff Mills presented a few words of welcome and celebration to the large group on behalf of Mills Community Support…not sure that the lounge was really prepared for the 70 or so people who came to the BBQ but…it was wonderful!

After lunch, Don Cram, President of Lanark Chapter 55, and Jan Watson, a member of the Lanark Chapter board and a Coordinator for Mills Community Support, raised the new Lanark Chapter 55 flag outside at 375 Country Street…while the wind didn’t cooperate, we’re sure that it will wave well in the coming month!!

Many thanks to our excellent Chef, Clem Pelot, our organizer extraordinaire, Barbara Bertrand, our “bean” counter, Lisa Ryan, and the Housing crew led by Tim Dowell who did the heavy lifting…thanks also to Julie, Bonnie and Jeff for pitching in and doing what need doing…the photos tell the tale!


01 October 2014 – The Banjo

While doing the house tour with the ladies on Sunday at the tea and mini-putt, Greg picked up, and pretended to play, Norma and Ian’s banjo.

A few days later, Norma came to the house and brought the banjo with her…She told us that Ian would like Greg to have the banjo if he wanted it.

Well…when Greg came home from the activity centre, and saw the banjo case there, he was THRILLED!!! We took the banjo out of the case and he played with it for awhile, then took it downstairs to put in his room. Norma and Ian are pleased that Greg was so happy with his new instrument…we’re all very grateful for the wonderful gift!! How nice is that??

Banjo 1 Greg and banjo

01 October 2014 – Tea and Mini-Putt with Ian and Norma

On September 7th we were all invited down to Norma & Ian’s house for Tea and a game of mini-putt as they have a putting green in their backyard

Greg really enjoyed putting with Ian while Julie assisted Jody with his putting. They all enjoyed tea or coffee as well as some delicious homemade snacks. Happy Birthday was in order for Norma (as it was her birthday) and everyone joined in singing a rousing version of the standard song!!

Norma gave each person a candle to blow out at the party which was a very special touch and enjoyed by everyone. Greg went on a tour of the house with Jenn and Marjorie, one of our other neighbours. It was a lovely afternoon with fun had by all…thanks Norma and Ian!!


01 October 2014 – Apple Picking – Hwy 43

Dan and Angela went apple picking at the Kilmarnock Apple orchard on September 20th. They both did a great job picking and Dan enjoyed sampling the apples as he picked. Dan was greeted by a lady and her son when he arrived at the orchard…she greeted Dan and said that she knows Dan as he delivers her EMC to her on his paper route. Dan had a bit of a chat with her before picking apples.

Apples 2 Apples 1