Our Team

Corporate Services
First Name Last Name Position Telephone/Ext Email address
Robert Eves Chief Executive Officer 26 reves@themills.on.ca
Patti Fee Director, Corporate Services 21 pfee@themills.on.ca
Lisa Ryan Administrative Assistant, Corporate   Services 62 lryan@themills.on.ca
Stewart MacNabb Director, Finance and Sustainability 24 smacnabb@themills.on.ca
Lisa Fulton Finance and Payroll   Administrator 27 lfulton@themills.on.ca
Shelley Giles Finance and Accounts Payable Administrator 28 sgiles@themills.on.ca
Gina Seabrook Decision Support Coordinator 30 gseabrook@themills.on.ca
Roger  Bell Asset and Property Manager  22  rbell@themills.on.ca
Community Programs
First Name Last Name Position Telephone/Ext Email address
Jeff Mills Coordinator, Community Development 63 jmills@themills.on.ca
Kathryn Stevens Coordinator, Marketing and Communications 64 katstevens@themills.on.ca
Erica Butcher Resource Development/Volunteer Coordinator 35 ebutcher@themills.on.ca
Clem Pelot Director, Community Supports and   Services 61 cpelot@themills.on.ca
Freda Clark Manager, Community Supports and Services 38 fclark@themills.on.ca
Jessica Morrow Scheduling 34 jmorrow@themills.on.ca
Lawanda Brown Coordinator, Home Support Services 29 lbrown@themills.on.ca
Jan Watson Coordinator, Home Support Programs & Services 39 jwatson@themills.on.ca
Laurie Anderson Care Coordinator, Assisted Living/Respite (T) (613) 461-1100 landerson@themills.on.ca
(F) (613) 461-1300
KC Schnaufer Team Leader, Assisted Living/Respite (T) (613) 461-0009 kcschnaufer@themills.on.ca
(F) (613) 461-1300