Person-Centred Thinking

At Mills Community Support, we have adopted the concept of Person-Centred Thinking – a set of values, skills, and tools used in person-centred and person-directed planning.  Our staff members are developing skills in respectful listening which leads to actions, resulting in supporting people who:

  • have positive control over the life they desire and find satisfying,
  • are recognized and valued for their contributions (current and potential) to their communities, AND
  • are supported in a web of relationships, both natural and paid.

Mills staff members have been receiving training and working to provide person-centred support since 2009.  All staff working in Developmental Services and in our Assisted Living program of Seniors Services completes the two-day Person-Centred Thinking course.  The course introduces specific skills to learn what is important to each person we support, how they best communicate and make decisions, develop one-page profiles, sort roles and responsibilities, and how we can support people to make connections and contributions to their own community.IMAG0609

Mills Community Support has four certified trainers from The Learning Community for Person-Centred Practices who were trained by Helen Sanderson and Associates, HSA Canada www.hsacanada.caMills trainers welcome family, volunteers, and staff from other agencies to join our next workshop.  E-mail Terry-Ann Hutchinson if you have any questions or are interested –

Person Centered Profiles

Our person-centred thinking approach involves the creation of one-page profiles for those who work together with us for change…click here to find out how you can get started on your one-page profile today!


Guide to writing one-page profiles

Use one of these templates to develop YOUR one page profile today!

Template one

Template two

or click on one of the pictures below to download a word document that you can fill in!

image-0001-11 image-0001-10image-0001-9

Community of Practice

Mills Community Support has a staff learning community who get together every six weeks to share their person-centred work, good news stories, and ideas.  They return to their teams to take leadership roles in providing support that is person-centred – having a balance between what is important to someone and what is important for them.  In 2014-2015, members are working to expand person-centred practices throughout our agency.  There are currently ten regular members and they are each available to any staff member or team who has questions about person-centred thinking skills, is struggling with something, or has a good news story to share!  Here is their One-Page Profile:


Person-Directed Planning – MAPS Research Project

Throughout 2013-2014, Mills Community Support participated in the MAPS project, Moe Ann film“Building capacity through person-directed planning (PDP). Building on what the research team learned about the importance of natural and community supports in PDP, they engaged a diverse group of stakeholders (adults with
intellectual/developmental disabilities, family members, agency staff, planners/facilitators, community members) to identify practical ways in which PDP can be used as a tool to build community capacity. Their goal was to support stakeholders in sharing their capacity-building stories while documenting the process, challenges and outcomes of these efforts.  Mills Community Support was one of three agencies in Ontario chosen to participate in this project.  The Mills supported Moe and Ann to complete a mini-documentary, sharing their story of finding a church where they would be valued and have opportunities to contribute, and the relationships that naturally developed.

“Making Connections 2014”.

Download our PDP Postcards here

Download our PDP Posters here