Volunteer Egg“Abundant communities start with making visible the gifts of everyone in the neighborhood—the families, the young people, the old people, the vulnerable people, the troublesome people. Everyone. We do this not out of altruism, but to create the elements of a satisfying life.

When we and our neighbors know of each other’s gifts, new community possibilities emerge. For example, the community can play an important role in rearing children and helping them to learn about their own abilities and what it means to be a contributing member of society. . . . By naming and exchanging our individual gifts, capacities, and skills, we open new possibilities to the family and neighbourhood.”

“John McKnight and Peter Block, Abundant Community, Awakening the Power of Families and Communities”

If you have time or talent to share, the Mills has many rewarding volunteer opportunities!

Volunteers are the key to Mills Community Support Programs’ success within our community. Our 100+ volunteers are a vital part of what we do, and without their assistance it would be very difficult to offer many of our programs.

We value and appreciate each and every volunteer’s efforts.

To begin YOUR journey as a volunteer with the Mills, please fill out and return this application form by email to: slee@themills.on.ca