Strategic Plans/Directions

community_v14Mission and Vision

We help create welcoming communities through capacity building, partnerships and person centered services.


We believe in being:

  • ACCOUNTABLE to all who have a stake in our work
  • COLLABORATIVE with those who share our vision
  • INNOVATIVE in the pursuit of making community life better

We act on these beliefs through:

  • Promoting EQUALITY and valuing CONTRIBUTION regardless of age or ability
  • Investing in COMMUNITY VITALITY through the ENGAGEMENT of all people

Strategic Directions 2014 – 2018

To download a copy of our Strategic Plan booklet, please click on the link below: 2014 – 2018 Strategic Plan

Strategic Direction 1 – Create opportunities for Community Development and Capacity Building

  1. Animate local community development initiatives
  2. Create opportunities for citizens to engage with elected officials and candidates for public office
  3. Provide leadership and help build networks which support community and voluntary sector capacity building
  4. Advocate for positive social change and inclusion

Strategic Direction 2 – Create and sustain supportive environments

  1. Older adults live a good life and a safe life as valued members of their communities
  2. Support individuals with an intellectual disability to live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community and have the ability to participate effectively
  3. Affordable, good quality housing is part of healthy communities in Lanark

Strategic Direction 3 – Develop an innovative, sustainable and successful non-profit organization

  1. Mills Community Support is recognized as a leader in community and regarded as both a “charity of choice” and a credible business partner
  2. Support a learning culture that promotes collaboration and nurtures innovation
  3. Support Volunteer Engagement and Contribution
  4. Expand the Use of Innovative Assistive Technology
  5. Build internal capacity and workplace continuity to deliver on strategic priorities